Making room for writing

I love my job, but it does feel like it consumes every minute I throw at it (and many minutes I don’t).

It’s the nature of it, I suppose, drawing is a calling rather than a 9-to-5. But I’d like to get to 9-to-5 (impossible with kids and family obligations, but it’s a goal, right?)

Don’t get me wrong, outside 9-5 I’ll still be drawing, just not the stuff that is for deadlines.

I think I need to think realistically about what I can do with my free time. Last year I did some acting, and I really enjoyed it. I may still do more (the rehearsals ate up a fierce amount of time, but I did enjoy the regular getting out of the house, even if I lazily drove up the street most of the time).

I’m coming round to the idea of doing one writing/drawing/lettering/colouring project of my own a year. One 40 page THING. A complete book that belongs to me would be lovely. Sure it’d be nice to be paid to do a thing like that too, but you know if I’m paying my bills, then who cares, right? I get to play.

I know what the first thing will be (let’s call it “WR”) and I have a notion what the second thing will be and .. really, there’s no point going further than that. The projects are likely to be unrelated to each other, except in that they’re things I want to do.

Of course, that may not happen. I always have plans.

Right now “WR” is a bunch of half written scenes, and a rough plan of 40 pages. I may not be a good enough writer to carry it off, I may not find the free time to draw the damn thing, lettering it will be a pain and colouring – sheesh, who has time for that.

But it feels nice to have a focus, really. Something to think of as a hobby away from the day job.

Maybe this could be my hobby.

(Also: I might write it and pitch is somewhere, which would be an interesting experience if nothing else)