Twitter Holiday

I don’t think I’ve the average twitter user. I follow around 3000 people, which is a preposterous number. Over time I’ve accumulated people based on whether they’re comic industry professionals, people that make me laugh or, more lately, politicos and journalists.

Part of me wants to go through and cull it back to something like 100 people, but I’ve no idea how to go about that without it turning into a dusterfluck. (and one time I unfollowed someone they noticed and asked me why and, like a coward I ignored the question – here’s why: just because. You were first. I’m sorry.)

Occasionally, in a fit of “why the hell am I allowing this to get to me” I delete my twitter app, and it helps. I’d still use twitter – I can just go to the website, and look at it in there. But, it introduces a little bit of friction in to the process, so instead of holding up my phone and flicking in to twitter while I wait on something, I see that it’s too much hassle to go to the website and do something else instead.

It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly helped.

Yesterday I took myself off twitter before I got annoyed with it.

I can’t honestly say I missed anything. Yes. I cheated a bit, checking twitter every so often, and even looked at my brand new personal – just for friends & locked from the outside world – twitter.

When I worked in computers and was trying to get a comic career off the ground, it was very easy for me to keep these two worlds separate: work was work and comics was everything else. They didn’t mix. I didn’t acknowledged the existence of one thing in the other’s sphere. They were two perfect, distinct circles in the Venn diagram of my life.

But then I left my day job and it became all about comics, and I think I miss having that place I can have that’s just me. I did a bit of acting the past couple of years and that was great, and I tried to keep comics away from that, but it’s hard, because… well, that’s who I am.

Anyway, what I’m saying is… I’m having another twitter holiday today. I make no promises beyond today. App is still deleted off my phone, though I will still check it, but I’m determined to wean myself off it, much in the way I eventually cut facebook out of my life.

I’ve really come round to thinking that social media, as much good as it can do (and it did me a great deal of good over time) has become too all encompassing, a victim of its own success. At its worst it’s a perfectly honed tool made to bully or simply a machine to make you insecure about your place in the world, but at it’s absolute best it’s like an industry party that never ends, but good lord, even that would exhaust you.

Anyway, in the words of the Dread Pirate Roberts, twitter, sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.


How do you know when you’re done…

And I mean with a website. Or social media.

I was here for the alt.newsgroup revolutions, I gophered my way across universities and the world, I studiously avoided myspace until it was murdoch’s space and I never quite reunited with my friends.

Facebook came and went, and I joined in, but now it’s running free without me, and weirdly, my life isn’t lacking anything. Or if it is, I’m unaware of it.

RSS feeds – remember those? seemed like a brilliant bright star whose genius would shine forever, then google bought up the biggest collator of rss feeds and then killed it stone dead.

But twitter. Man, I loved twitter.

Back when twitter was a place to just hang out and tell stupid jokes and make up nonsense. I tweeted my way through the Bonekickers tv series, I made friends on twitter, I got work through twitter and I’ve enjoyed it for a large part of the past decade or more.

But maybe its time is gone. Could be every internet phenomena has a finite life – there’s no reason that just because a thing becomes so insinuated into the everyday fabric of real life that it can’t just disappear tomorrow (vines, remember vines?)

I found myself quoted in an article about twitter my tweet was the dangers of bad jokes being taken out of context and weaponised in this new internet flash mob world (remember flash mobs? are they still a thing?) which feels like the last meta nail in the digital coffin of what twitter used to be.

I’m trying to figure out a way to see if I can’t still enjoy the many many benefits of twitter, but maybe… maybe it’s a relationship that’s long past saving and, right now, the only thing keeping me on there is the deeply sunk cost of building a reputation on the site over the past 12 years.

Final note: I AM a coward. So I won’t be deleting twitter. I am trying to figure out a way to delete my entire history and start broadcasting simply art and updates on twitter. Saving stupid thinking for a notebook or some other way to capture that stuff that isn’t exposed to the entire world.