Couch to 80k Week 1 Day 1

I’m doing a couch to 80k writing course, it’s free and it appears to be fun!

You can read why I’m doing it here and if you’re interested in doing the course, you’re probably better off not reading the rest of my blog post until you’ve done it yourself.

Ok, week 1 day 1 was the start. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the exercise on the first podcast was the write a bunch of names. That’s it. Names are hard – I’ve written a couple of short stories and I generally don’t name characters – it’s like a too weighty an obligation. Anyway, I didn’t know what the exercise was going to be, and I’m glad I didn’t because if I did I might have spent several hours mulling names over in my head before committing them and they wouldn’t have been ANYWHERE near as much fun as many of the names I ended up with. I surprised myself – it turns out, when push comes to shove, I’d rather give a character a name like “Olympic Monsoon IV” than “Robert Black”.

Here’s my list (there are TWO real names in this list, friends I haven’t seen in decades – shout out to my pals with the odd names! I hope you’re keeping well, and if you’re google vanity searching, I hope I spelt your names right!)

  1. Frietz VonLebierdick
  2. Patrick Wellbuttoned
  3. Fitzwilliam McGrath
  4. Cornelia Voxenstrap
  5. Edgar Lumbago
  6. Monsieur Maseret Mazzurati
  7. Captain Fielding Wombat
  8. Jullimia Moosebreath
  9. Échart MacDougal
  10. Harcker Strump-Locket
  11. Major Odomo Fidelma Cassiopeia Pickpocket
  12. Ooblong Scarpetti
  13. Marshall Luminousity-Quilt
  14. Fitzgibbon Neilvolstagg
  15. Heir Hero Fascheltzvitz
  16. Curiousity Vanderbilt
  17. Mars Loompen
  18. Luna Cornwallis
  19. Prince Esartlz Piccadilly
  20. Theo Heckfizzle
  21. Dollar McFaulty
  22. Corblatz Boozamble-Qu’orne
  23. Noosle Coocoo
  24. Jim Semicolon III
  25. Patrick McTaggle
  26. William Rhythemicgymnasitica
  27. Corbon Quitzle
  28. MacFergus Tracer
  29. Bollard Comblesnatch
  30. Feezle Garlarckle
  31. Thomas McWilliams
  32. Frederick Veerna
  33. Bart Noitgedat
  34. Meera Visvanathan
  35. Romba Cooble
  36. Qurio Pittlesnoop
  37. Coople Hashtag
  38. Rocket Cumblebecksmith
  39. Sardie Veevonprig
  40. Werble Coobleprong


(I’m particlarly tickled by “Patrick Wellbuttoned”, “Bollard Cumblesnatch”, “Romba Cooble” – though I think my hitchhiker’s guide love is showing in some of these names…)