Couch to 80k week 3 day 2/3

Didn’t get to blog yesterday. If you’re interested in taking part of a free writers boot camp it’s here.

My process for doing this is to work on my iPad Pro, using a pretty nice logitech keyboard (I like it because the keyboard is lit, and I’ve found the hideous expensive apple covers tend to fall apart after a year so there was no way I was buying the apple keyboard cover)

I will talk about what I’m doing on the course, and my text that I generate (I realise it’s interesting to me and somewhat amusing sometimes to put the entirety of whatever I’ve typed but, as my wife has already pointed out – more than once – no-one wants to read an entire list of funny names [she didn’t even say funny names, I added that to salve my ego)

What I’m saying is, if you want to do the boot camp – do it sight unseen – and look away now.

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