Immersive Thinking

Hey, so I’ve been spending a long time thinking about where I am and where I’m going, and how I take forward the stuff I’m good at and find things for me to do that can really challenge the full set of skills that I have – if you’ve only known me a few years you’ll assume that covers comics and visual storytelling, if you’ve known me for decades you’ll know that also covers programming, IT, acting and a whole slew of weird and esoteric interests.

I’ve been pushing this year to explore VR/AR and what I can do in those fields.

One meeting led to another which led to another which eventually led to Kainos and the building of an immersive experience called Dragon Slumber.

The remit was to create a walk around environment, there was a super tight deadline and physically massive space.

Of course, I didn’t know that, and had been briefed the space was a pretty small, table sized area. So, thinking on my feet I flipped around the idea of a walk in wizard’s den (or at least a small section of it) and turned it into a large tower were you’d come face to face with a life size dragon.

Of course, there’s more to it than that, I conceptualised the environment, everything from names of characters, designs, and a short, fun narrative designed to hook kids. All around the tech and the limits of the tech (including a smart little effect for Lottie – the little fairy that a child has to guide around the dragons)

So we’ve been chipping away at this project, Kainos handling the tech end and me building everything in the VR space using Tiltbrush to rapidly prototype (and I mean rapid, if you thought I was fast at pencilling, sculpting in tiltbrush is insanely fast for me)

I’m not sure where this leads next. There’s talk of trying to get to SXSW (which is happening pretty soon) and me talking to people about this immersive tech and what can be done, and what I can do specifically in the area, and while, it’s not entirely out of character for me to feel confident, I actually feel pretty confident I can offer something unique to immersive tech. I’m strongly attracted to narratives, and storytelling, and I love the playfulness of tech and what can be done when you think about this stuff a little sideways.

Anyway, we’ll see. It’s been an experience so far.

You can read a bit about DragonSlumber here.