Some art from this year that you might have seen!


Captain Boomerang from a script by Rob Williams. Drawn from an extant script by long time comic book pal, Rob. (2017)



From Mythic by Phil Hester, published as a back up strip.




James Bond: M written by Declan Shalvey. Declan wrote this for me, and set the entire thing in Belfast, and it was enormous fun to do. (Jan 2018)



Rogue Trooper: Hunted written by Gordon Rennie. I think I’ve worked with Gordon more than any other writer, he writes such fun stuff too. (2017-2018)



At last count I’ve drawn around 313 pages of War Comics written by Garth Ennis, most recently World Of Tanks: Citadel. (2018)


Dept of Monsterology

Kid friendly!

I love drawing goofy cartoony things, one of the earliest jobs I had as a professional comic artist was drawing a strip called “Nanas and Custard” for Toxic! Magazine, a UK

This is complete 4 pages Yo-Yo and Kid Yo-Yo strip co-written by me and Scott Ferguson (colours by me). The story was published in an Irish Language Kids Comic.


Not, strictly speaking for kids, but it has a similar aesthetic, this is some pages from Terran Omega, a sci-fi epic about the last human being in her role as destroyer of the left over weaponry from a war humanity lost millennia ago. Written by me and Scott Ferguson, colours by Dee Cuniffe and lettering by Jim Campbell.



And finally…

Colour, when I have the time I love to colour covers/pin ups, so here’s some of the colour work I’ve done…