From wayback…

I’m sitting here working at the computer when I should be drawing, listening to radio 2 and wondering exactly when I crossed that age threshold where you stop listening to radio 1 to start listening to radio 2. And when I’ll slip further down that scale to radios 3, 4 and 5. It’s odd, cus radio 2 now have Steve Wright in the Afternoon which used to be on Radio 1, but I think he was shifted in about ’91/’92? sometime around then. I drifted into cool fm for a few years and only this past few weeks I’ve started on r2.

Why is this important? well… it isn’t really. Although I do nothing but listen to the radio when I’m drawing, so it’s important to me. Plus I’m obsessed with the notion of growing older – what I mean is I’d rather not get any older. ho hum.

Anyhues, some other pretty pictures:

A warhammer sample [248k], sent off, along with my 6 page dredd script (no doubt I’ll bang on and on about that until everyone is sick of hearing about it and it’ll be my moment of glory). The sample and dredd prompted them to commision me to do a four pager, which is what I should be doing now. Here and here are some character designs.


Hello, welcome to this quick preview of The Tallyman – a 3 page comic strip for Violent! the Action comic homage (Action, for anyone who doesn’t know was THE most violent kids comics of the 70’s published in Britain.)

This is the first page of the strip “The Tallyman” written by 2000AD scribe, Gordon Rennie.Violent! is the work of editor Mike Sivier.

This is the first version of page one of the Tallyman, things to note: I decided on a very broken style for the panels (no panel is a normal rectangular shape). The setting from the script was none specific year wise so I decided to draw the main character (a Glasgow Gangster) in a Adidas top (mostly cuz that’s the way gangsters dress here). When I draw a strip like this I can sometimes get a slight niggling feeling in the back of my head which eats away at me unless I listen to it. In the case of this page two things struck me, one (and I know Gordon isn’t going to believe this) I would have loved to set it in the 70’s and secondly (and here’s one Mike wont believe) I’m never happy about broken shaped panel borders. I’m rarely happy unless my panel borders are rectangular. Course, after emailing Mike and Gordon, Gordon emailed back ASKING for it to be set in the 70’s. I plowed on.

Annoyingly I’ve lost my original thumbnail layout for this page, but let me say this, it was almost identical. Except for being very very tiny.

To set the thing in the 70’s was easy enough, I simply had to redraw everyones clothes (and haircuts) Everyone ended up with sideburns as well. If you look at panel one you’ll see it’s very poorly detailed, the main reason for this is because the drawing in panel 1 was a “place marker” because I wanted to get proper reference for a London East-End Pub before drawing it.

After redrawing in the 70’s Mike Emailed me and decided that the layout I was using was too jarring (which I totally agreed with) so it was back to the drawing board for this NEW version.

And here it is fully inked. Panel 1 was radically changed (the English East-End Pub is in fact a Pub in the centre of Belfast – but I think I got away with it!) If you want to see a bigger version of this page then click it.