Had to remove commenting facilites for the short term — bloody comment spam was doing my head in.

Other important things happening. Will update when have chance.

pencilmonkey.net wiki


I have, for ages, been thinking of buying a domain name which isn’t my own but something a little more generic. Pencil Monkey is it. I’ll be moving the forums et all onto it (won’t make much difference, as they’ll still be hosted at forums.pauljholden.com but going to http://www.pencilmonkey.net/forums/ should take you there too – and I’ll be doing a new logo as well). At the moment I’ve also set up a WIKI – a wiki is a simple easy to edit website where ANY VISITOR can modify/add or delete pages – the pencil monkey wiki is aimed at being a good resource for UK artists, but I’ll need help — anyone who wants to can contribute – no matter how much or how little it’ll all help. If you see something that should be formatted differently then just do it – if you think something should be added, then just add it. I’ve started the ball rolling by bunging up a massive article by Simon Fraser but I’ll be adding more as I can get my hands on it. Please pass it on.

Site headaches…

Argh… I’ve started (by small steps) fixing some of the things that IE on windows doesn’t like about the site (you know, png graphics and proper style sheets). One the one hand I’m quiet content to say that right now the website works fine in Safari and Firefox (not so well, but then not as bad as it was in IE). So … little by little….