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Archive Problems

I recently changed the perma links option on the site, unbeknownst to me it broke the archives. So I’ve reverted back, things should all work now 🙂

So I’m thinking….

caption competition.

BTW: I’ll upload a new version of the card below – one with lots more black added. (It’s Nikolai Dante and a pixie girl)

I’ll be opening the compo to the public soon. I’m thinking – winner gets the original artwork. Runners up to get a sketch.

– pj

Looking for Criticisms…

When I were a young lad (and all round this ‘ere int’ernet t’were all t’fields) I regularly posted artwork up looking for opinions, which tended to fall into one of two simple camps: ‘Wow, that’s cool’ (which was nice, but useless, as I’ve found that __any__ drawing is “wow that’s cool” to many people who can’t draw – the “wow that’s cool” comment is often followed with “well, it’s better than anything I could do”). The second was generally a useful piece of criticism (“those heads are too big, that building’s perspective is off, that xx is yy, etc.”) as I got more and more pro work I stopped looking for the criticism, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I started to get less criticism and more “wow that’s cool” – so much so that it felt like any time I posted for a crit I was really looking for someone to stroke my ego – cus I knew that’s what would happen and secondly I’ve become more and more aware of the flaws in my artwork – often I’m able to spot and correct before sending to editors, equally often I don’t – this has negated the need for outside opinion. And finally, I dunno, is it something that pros do? (I’ve decided to refer to my self as a pro now – I was gonna wait until the day I got one job following another and was able to make my living from it, but since that ain’t gonna happen for a number of years and I have been drawing professionally for five years now, I figure I can consider myself pro). Anyways, back to crits. So the upshot, if you fancy criting my work, let me know. I prefer my crits in form of what my old boss used to call a “shit sandwhich” – something nice to begin with, a big load of shit in the middle and something nice to end with. Email me, I’ll give you secret password to the kingdom of preview land 🙂
(Actually, may set this up in the form of a yahoo group?)