Pro Creator Tips

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A few nights ago, on twitter, “inspired” by the number of people offering hints and tips on breaking into the industry, I decided to add to the discordant cacophany with a set of ‘unwritten’ hints and tips. Thanks to Mark Kardwell (who had the foresight to cut and paste most of them) here they are for you non-twitterers.
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Hello! Welcome to the new blog, not much different to the old blog really; except that there’s not 10 years worth of cruft. I’m going to TRY to treat this blog with a little more formal attention. Saturday I update at eclectic micks (a blog collecting some of Ireland’s finest comic artist talent and me) and I’ll try and post here on Saturday too with some supplemental material. I’ll also try pulling out some of the more interesting archive posts and reposting them in here. So, flag your bookmarks now!

(Blogics doesn’t really work as a portmanteau of blog and basics, does it? oh well…)