Thomas’ “official” Nintendo Magazine

Nintendo magazine vol 1

Earlier tonight, from tom’s bedroom “Daddy… spell “OFFICIAL'” – I shouted the spelling to him.

An hour later “daddy spell ‘Attachments'” … “Tom, what are you doing?”

Turns out Tom (9) was making his own “official” Nintendo magazine. Tom is a doer- he decides to do something and just powers on with it. The pdf of the magazine is here, hopefully you’ll find it as delightful as I did. He wrote the index out in advance and then spent a few hours doing the rest. He was too tired to draw a comic, and it was the last job, so I volunteered to draw a story for him if he came up with one. So that’s what you’ve got!

Let me know what you think and I’ll pass it on.

Currently waiting to get near the drawing table…

Monday is looking after Son. Tuesday AM is day job, Annette is off this tuesday afternoon which means either she’ll look after him and I’ll get some work done or it means we’ll go out somewhere. The work after that. Wednesday is college and I have an assignment to hand in which I’ve barely started. Wed evening we pick Nathan up from Annette’s parents, so write off most of Wednesday. Thursday and Friday work all day which leaves the evening but don’t typically get to drawing table until Nathan is asleep. This is now my life.

Still in the plus column: fired up about drawing. On episode 3, page 8 at the moment, may get it finished tonight (possibly today if I can get Dad to babysit) then page 9 and 10. And episode 3 is complete. After that episode 4, a 16 page effort!

Gotta say, my inking is really coming along. Still not as perfect as I’d like (and I’m sure it never will be) but I’m so comfortable with a brush now it’s amazing to me. Still sometimes feel like falling back to using a dip pen when my confidence is shot, but not at the moment.

Still (sorta) on my diet…

Last mentioned in July. I’m just generally eating less but eating lots of Yoghurt (which up til the diet I’d never tasted and thought would be vile, but turns out it’s really, really nice).

My current weight is 12stone 2Lbs (as of this morning). When I started the diet it was 13stone 13lbs. I’d like to get down to 11stone 4lbs.


I’m … just … I’m floored.

Thanks to Garen and Neil who, either off their own bat or in a conspiracy, both sent me an amazon gift voucher – I will spend it wisely and with good grace (finally get the Glen Fabry Muscles in Motion that I want).

If you chaps send me your address I’ll fire off a sketch. I’m feeling guilty – the forum *isn’t* that much work and costs me a pittance.

(Also: I’ve already spent the certificates – that didn’t take long at all:

1 of: Muscles in Motion: Figure Book Drawing for the Comic Book Artist [Paperback]
By: Glen Fabry
Planetary: Leaving the 20th Century [Paperback]
By: Warren Ellis, John Cassaday

Global Frequency: Detonation Radio Bk. 2 [Paperback]
By: Warren Ellis, et al

So thanks again!)