You know with your help…

New MacBook Pro

With just a little help from you, you could prevent another poor comic artist living another year without an apple computer upgrade (yes, I got one recently but there have now been **two** updates of that model since — **two**!) It’s not a lot to ask, if I’ve in any small measure added anything to your lives. Come on! It’s only £1800 or thereabouts. You miserable gits. Sod it.

You do realise my wife will NEVER let me buy another computer don’t you? this one here, the one I’m typing this on? this is the last one – nothing more after this.
(*maybe if I break it … hmmm…*)

(*breaks down in tears*)

New Mouse!

Oh, I am soooo Apple’s bitch.

I got me a mighty mouse. First impressions – this cable is a bit bloody short – be alright if I was either left handed or the 12″ powerbook had its usb on the right hand side, otherwise it’s too short.

The squeezey buttons are a little too easy to set off but I like the no-button look and the trackball is great (it clicks when it moves using a tiny internal speaker – it’s a nice positive feedback touch.)

Bring on the Video iPod. And the intel G6 (I assume that’ll be its name). That’s if I don’t bite the bullet and buy meself a iMac G5 before then … which is looking highly likely…

WWDC 2005

WWDC 2005

Apple moving to intel processors — new version of Mac OS X is ‘leapord’. ‘Changing spots’ puns will dominate mac websites for the next six months.