Dredd Update

I had hoped that, you know, 40 odd pages into this Dredd things would really click for me, in terms of how to draw, but it’s still as damn difficult as ever. Currently mentally blocked on page 5. Pages 1-4 were a pain and I thought, never mind, page 5 – a new dawn, let’s give it a go, but no. It’s still mental anguish and sweat every panel.


Family and Arseface

I’m wondering if I should have sort of title panel for these strips? Maybe something small – a half panel in width? I dunno, these are two separate strips. I had originally elaborated on the top strip with the many, many other odd relationships in my immediate family but I figured someone of them might read this and I’d be in an awful lot of trouble – if I can figure out a way of doing it without being ostracised then I will.

(BTW: ostracised? Spelt right first time without spell checker. Impressive, non?)

Oh yes, Dredd episode 4? working on page 3 right now.


Disappointing amount of work done the past couple of days: I’ve done about 2/3rds of page 1 of episode 10, but I’m gonna redo one of the panels as I don’t think it’s good enough, it’s a pretty weak dredd and a poor looking corpse. Oh well. Still, at least I’m drawing.

Progress Report…

I’m working on page 4 of the Meg strip – most of the page is done, just a couple of simple panels left. Did a couple of silhouette shots but they suit the story and look damn cool, so all good. Also starting inking page 1 of a thing that Si Spurrier has had on my desk for some time. Started into it as I’m feeling on creative fire at the moment. Decided to go to brighton (comic expo) but it’s so expensive I might not. No to bed.


You get into this trance like stat when drawing, at least if you’ve been at the drawing table awhile and things are going well.

I’ve been working on lots of other computer related things (programming a php website, contributing to some open source code) and I was kinda astonished at how good I was at that stuff (although programming was really the reason I got into computers – I just couldn’t find work experience and never got asked to program much beyond big database projects). Anyhue, been working on it so long that when this Meg work turned up I nearly turned it down – which would’ve been a big mistake. Then it’s taken me a week or two to wrap my head around drawing – cus everytime I sat down at the drawing table I’d get ideas about how to validate data in php (or, as my former boss used to say ‘let x=1 – that’s the only language he understands’) and I’d need to excise those thoughts before drawing. And now, two days of solid drawing table and I’m there at that zen moment. Some cool things that have happened: I may redraw a panel – NOT because it’s not good enough but because there’s some unimportant information missing from the panel (people walking off panel) – in fact the only reason I’m not redrawing the panels is cus I really like it – nice inking, good solid weight to everything (still some iffy lines and my small figure inking ain’t great… but you know – probably me and half a dozen other artists will notice). Anyway I’m off to keep going. Hoping for a page tonight.

Artists Stammer…

Currently trying to break through artists block – although … I dunno, Artists Stammer is probably a more accurate reflection. Several dozen variations on the same character design – not different designs, just drawn in slightly different styles, just trying to find some way I can draw.

Dredd Update

Got page 9 finished earlier today tonight and I’ve just finished pencilling page 10. So, for a treat I’m going to bed early (oh the small victories…). Should get page 10 inked tomorrow then start page 11. Thursday and Friday are full days in work, but there’s a good chance I might get 11 finished by Friday (given my current going rate) which means, optimistically, page 12 could be finished by Saturday … and then Sunday is my first Father’s day… which will be … odd.

(Mind you, there’s more of a chance that I’ll be drawing this right up to the last post on Monday, but y’know … one lives in hope)