Page 4 finished

And for the first time in quiet a few nights I’m going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Looks like I may be going to Brighton – it’s expensive but every convention I’ve been too has resulted in work in some form for the past couple of years – so I’d hate to miss something.

(It’s a pity it’s on Annette’s birthday).

Dredd Update

Got page 9 finished earlier today tonight and I’ve just finished pencilling page 10. So, for a treat I’m going to bed early (oh the small victories…). Should get page 10 inked tomorrow then start page 11. Thursday and Friday are full days in work, but there’s a good chance I might get 11 finished by Friday (given my current going rate) which means, optimistically, page 12 could be finished by Saturday … and then Sunday is my first Father’s day… which will be … odd.

(Mind you, there’s more of a chance that I’ll be drawing this right up to the last post on Monday, but y’know … one lives in hope)