Goodbye 2018…

Hey, look I know you’re thinking this place has shuttered, but it hasn’t – I promise. 2019 I’ll try and keep this up to date.

It’s been a pretty solid year for me, worked more-or-less constantly, came in to the year finishing the Garth Ennis scripted World of Tanks volume 2 (and a collection is coming in the New Year) and came powering out the year drawing a Garth Ennis scripted WWII graphic novel. This one’s just over the halfway mark, but you’ll not see it until 2020 unfortunately – that’s the nature of the book publishing market apparently, they do these things in SLOW time…

If you’re a long time reader you’ll know I usually try and do a little end of year comic summing the whole thing up. That stopped last year, too much work on unfortantely, and this year is similiarly afflicted (and, truth to tell I really want to do something that isn’t a half-arsed, half-sketched throw away, and yet to do that requires even more time… so here we are).

So let’s quickly run through stuff from this year:

Writing – did couch to 80k, a writing exercise, writing something every day for seven weeks. I dropped out in the final week, it’s all about writing a novel and I thought – well, that’s not what I’m doing. But I regret that. From there I wrote a couple of draft zeroes of things (things that I quite like) but never got them outside of that state. Which is frustrating (I’m just frustrating myself here, really) I do have a 40-50 page script that needs a few passes and a publisher interested, but it’s unpaid and it’s a big commitment to write let alone draw. So not sure how that’ll pan out.

Drawing – already said it, but aside from the couple of hundred pages of wwii stuff I’ve drawn this year, there was a Judge Dredd, a Savage Dragon (to be published) and – finally – a Marvel strip. One page of X-Men, thankewverymuch.

Fit and Healthy – I’ve been to the gym, thanks to my Pal Andrew, seven weeks of weight training and spin (fancy word for cycling on a cycle machine) and it’s been knackering, and fun, and exhausting and incredibly time consuming. I want to keep it up, but I’ve gotta find a way to do it so it takes less time! (Also: I actually didn’t lose any weight at all, but that’s on me and my awful diet than anything Andrew did)

Podcasting – Oh suger! It came back! 10 years ago (or more!) I started a podcast with the tweet “does anyone want to do a podcast with me”, Ron and Scott answered and we podcast for a good 32 episodes over a couple of years As The Sunnyside Comics Podcast. Lots of things happened in that time, and we went our separate ways as it felt like the podcast came to a natural end, but we’d talked about starting back and following a really fun dinner with the guys we decided to go at it again… and it’s working. We’re about 38 episodes in now, we’ve done more than the last time, it feels more sustainable and we’re a little less comics focused (as if we ever where) but it’s a fun time, you should listen at

Twitter – ah, I promised I’d cut it out and I failed. I have set up tweet delete, I genuinely don’t think it’s healthy that every stupid thought is kept online. I don’t drink or take any sort of mind altering substances, but I’m still fairly capable of thinking stupid things and typing them on twitter and then regretting it – this way if I forget it doesn’t matter, they’re gone (and they’re probably best forgotten) course the flip side is sometimes the things are actually worth keeping … which brings me to …

Blogging – er.. ok. It was a bit rubbish…

All the blue blobs are days I blogged. It’s pretty light through Oct/Nov/December. (Not sure why March was a blizzard of posts, but there we go).

I can make no promises, beyond I’m slightly more conscious that some of my better tweets (not the stupid jokes, rather the clip studio paint advice) is no longer available, and so I need to keep stuff like that on the blog. No promises though.

Anyway, time now for some unlikely-to-be-kept New Year Resolutions:

1. Be better.

That’s it. I’ll try and be better. Better at drawing, better at being human, better at all the things I want to do – try not to half-arse stuff.

Have a good New Year. See you in 2019.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

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