712 More Things to Write About

My wife picked up a book, 712 More Things to Write About, probably after hearing me moan about not doing any writing – after spending a few months reading and doing the coach to 80k, she figured (rightly) this might be a good thing to kickstart some habits.

So, I’ll put them up here as I do them (then, at least, the blog gets filled).

So… #1 “Write Yesterday’s Horoscope”


You will encounter a wild new alien species who will wish to make first contact with humanity.

They will abduct you in the morning, perform experiements on you through lunch and by afternoon will have extracted all of human knowledge from within your brain which they will then use to judge humanities suitability to join the other star going species.

Unfortunately, they will find humanity wanting on many levels, but mostly to do with your specific failings as a person, and so, will erase your memory of the entire day leaving you feeling empty and wondering what the point of it all is.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.