Writing has stalled

After getting to week 7 of the Couch to 80k writing challenge, I balked out of the last week, exhibiting a pattern of behaviour which I can only describe as “mission nearly accomplished”.

Week 8 is about writing that novel, getting her started, big writing chunks, nothing but writing. And I figured, right, I’m not writing a novel, time to move on.

And it was good for a while, I ended up developing up half a dozen projects that are all more complete than any writing thing I’ve done before, but they’re still largely unfinished – a few I’ve mentioned to writer friends who’ve been keen to take on the burden of writing the script (and I’ve been equally keen to work with them and walk away) combined with business in drawing comics means the scripting has stopped (well, never properly started).

The dredd script I’d been working on I had so many notes that, honestly, I wasn’t sure how to synthesis them all into a single solid script and then I lost the way of myself and started doubting everything I’ve ever thought about everything. (If I’m wrong about this… can I be right about anything).

I think I need to be better keeping my enthusiasm up when I’m on my third round of notes, or, at least, be able to move on to the next thing.

The Friday Fixup has been a fun venue for writing, though like writing articles about topics I know well, it never feels like writing so much as me just spewing my thoughts out.

Just finished pencilling a six page script that was written Marvel style and it’s made me think maybe.. just maybe… I should just write some of these stories marvel style and then draw them up and dialogue them afterwards. Just purely for my own amusement.

Anyway, I’m aware this year was the year I would tackle writing and we’re more than half way through and I have one script with an artist, but nothing else written, and I just wanted to stop and take stock a little. Got to pour myself into more drawing work (WWII will be drawing this strip for several months) and hope I can find the time and energy and balls to just write and draw one thing.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.