Clip Studio Paint On iPad Pro

I’ve been using CSP on iPad Pro since they released it, and I’ve now used it across two different iPad Pros (the original iPad Pro and ver 2)

Because of that of my experiences with it, I’ve reluctantly rated it on the Apple Store as One star, with the following review:

There are plenty of reviews of Clip Studio Paint out there, both desktop and iPad Pro. Having used CSP professionally for years (and previous to it Manga Studio) and written articles on using it for ImagineFX, I’m happy to say it may even be the best version of CSP out there – certainly on the iPad Pro 2. Incredible smooth drawing, the touch controls are intuitive and easy and the app has every thing you need to draw comics at a professional level. However…

The way CSP deals with files, and its own version of a filing system – counter to every other iPad app, is appalling and makes it untrustworthy and unusable. I want two things from a professional level iPad app: a way to round robin files from app to desktop (and here the only way to do that is to use iTunes ON MAC – since iTunes on windows doesn’t handle folders very well it means you can’t transfer multi page documents – I have both macs and PCs, and I’ve transferred on both, it’s a horrible way to work that apple are clearly only supporting because of legacy apps, before apple introduced their own file app) AND knowledge that my files are safe. I trust my iPad, it doesn’t crash. When the app has crashed the files have been recovered. However, and disappointingly, when I recently upgraded to a new iPad Pro, assuming my files where on CSPs cloud (as they have been uploading in the background) I wiped my old iPad and installed CSP on my new iPad, logged back in to the CSP cloud and found .. nothing. No files.

Now, 20 years of IT experience has meant I wasn’t doing that without taking all the important files off first anyway, but I was incredibly frustrated to find that all the “uploading to the cloud” that the iPad app seemed to be doing turns out to be nonsense, and there either is no cloud or the cloud doesn’t reconnect to the same account when you log in.

I’ve been wary of trusting the app since first discovering how it handled files – and was waiting for a way to easily move files off it before committing to working 100% on the iPad Pro. Now though, I can safely say that the iPad Pro version of Clip Studio Paint IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL READY APP. And won’t be until either CSP integrate it with apple’s file handling (allowing me to access cloud files from my desktop) OR give me some way to access my CSP cloud files from the desktop.

Until that happens, I’m giving this app one star.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.