Couch to 80k Week 3 Day 2

The Couch to 80k podcast by Tim Clare is part of his Death by 1000 paper cuts blog/podcast and is a writers bootcamp.

Ok, Week 3 day 2. Yesterday was effectively trying to channel a character, today was Tim more or less saying “Ok, yesterday may have felt a bit weird and wanky, but it sort of works”. So today was more of the same, this time though it was trying to let your subconscious get in front of your conscious and write a name then have that character write something through you, for you. I’m a desperate over thinker. Ask anyone. I’ll prise an idea apart to get to the heart of it, then I’ll take that apart, then I’ll think about why I was doing that, what I was trying to achieve and whether there’s any point to any of it. It’s rarely my best quality.

And this is really about not overthinking things. So I’m struggling. Even hearing the first bit of what the writing is to be about, I’m casting round looking for things I can include and dredge up – that gap between “today we’ll be writing about X” then “and start now” is enough for me to think X, then Y, then Z, back to A and all the way through until I get back to X again then I wander off into subsections. All while trying to keep my mind blank and receptive for whatever may happen when the timer begins.

I ran a super quick poll on twitter, asking whether people wanted to see the text I’ve been writing in these sessions. In theory it’s not for public consumption, it’s really about letting ideas flow regardless of where the lead you – even if it’s not somewhere you’d normally choose to go. It’s about being crap. About being a bit afraid of writing something stupid. About not letting anyone see what you’re doing.

So, of course, I’m gonna post that stuff here. I don’t think anyone will read it, and that’s ok. This is really for me to be able to go back over this stuff in a few years from now and go “Oh yes, I remember when I thought I could take a stab at writing” (Look at me being all self-depreciating – like an idiot I thought I’d be good at this, now I’m a lot less convinced).

Today’s freewrite had two prompts, the first “My name is …” and the second “I am…”

Anyway, I conjured up a name (a rubbish, RUBBISH name) and then let that character speak. It turns out that character was some sort of Kirbyesque ancient god, and he appears to have a plan. (I won’t post anything after the snippets, so if you’re wondering if I’ll say anything interesting about it and oh-no-i-have-to-read-this-drivel-first don’t be worrying. Consider the text an appendix to the main bulk of the post, which ends here.)

My name is Lamento Quill.

I am here. I have always been here. My age is an old as time itself, my powers expand to fill the size of the universe. I wait, and watch. I wait for the universe to begin again, renewing itself as it has always done.

There are times when I am called to steer the craft of creation, to move the DNA of the planets and conjure with life if it manifests itself.

Life is a precious item. I should know, for it was only the ending of life that gave birth to me. My people died and their spirits and powers and their very essence became star dust and that star dust coalesced in to a form and that form is became Quill.

I am worshipped. I am adored. I am malevolent. I am kind. I am each of these things, and yet none.

There is nothing that I need nor want, and yet, I feel that life is something to be treasured. In the time after time that I have lived, I’ve seen life appear only a handful of times, and that life often contains the seeds of its own end. Humanity is like this. What you experience as wonder and delight, I see as a dangerous and childlike need to touch the fire. And touching the fire will end you.

But I will not let that happen.

I contain too much to walk among you, but I will send parts of my self. Facets that contain degrees of my power. They will, to some, be heroes. To others villains. Humanity needs my help and it will not find me wanting.

The first of me shall be PEACE – and she shall contain war, and that spirit of humanity that leads itself to self destruct.

The second of me shall be named REFLECTION – and it will her job to let humanity see what it has become, and what it has accomplished and to treasure that.

Third will be VENGENCE – for what use is peace and reflection without a power to remove those that would continue in their ways? Vengence will cast aside those that do not want peace nor reflection.

And the last of these will be LIGHT. Light shall lead. Humanity will see the LIGHT and go with him towards a new dawn.

By these aspects, I will bring humanity into alignment with the universe. By these aspects I will bring humanity to its future life as part of the cosmos. And by these aspects shall humanity rise above its humble origins. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, so from dust you began but to star dust you shall rise.

I shall do this, because I am Lamento Quill. And I am all.

Do not cross me. Do not think I give these gifts lightly. I do not. Refuse Peace, refuse Reflection, refuse Vengeance and refuse the Light, and Lamento Quill will give full force of his fury to each. Peace will become War, Reflection will become Fear, Light will be Darkness and Vengence will become ALL.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.