Couch to 80k Week 2 recap

The Couch to 80k podcast by Tim Clare is part of his Death by 1000 paper cuts blog/podcast and is a writers bootcamp. I’m currently on week 2.

Right, as you may or may not now, the podcast is 6 episodes per week for 8 weeks. Yesterday was the last day of week 2, and you get a day off. But I like the habit of doing something so figured I should do something today. Yesterday’s writing didn’t quite do what I wanted, I wanted funny I ended up with oppressive threat (maybe that’s funny to some in these less enlightened times, but not to me) so I figured I’d redo yesterdays.

Yesterday’s task was to pick an item from the list of things you’d find in the protagonists bag (from way back in week 2 day .. 3, I think) and pick a mood and do a 10 minute free write on it. I mean, these things are set up so you can’t fail – because as a rule, as long as you write for 10 minutes (even if it is only “I can’t think of anything” 100 times) it’s a win.

My item was “A small note book, hard backed, yellowing pages, about A5 in size, inside scribbles of a language long dead.” I dunno, maybe it’s just not inherently funny.

That said, I didn’t hit the mood so thought I’d have another go. It was all over the place. Essentially I started telling the tale of the Mummy from the Mummy’s perspective, as though they were a little chatty and just wanted to be friends (that seems like a funny concept).

Of course, you start and it instantly goes off and there’s nothing funny to be had, so I course correct and start writing it from the Mummy’s POV as though they’re an Egyptian Adrain Mole (The Secret Diary of King Tutenkahmun age 13 3/4), and that’s derivative and not funny. And I think, god, why did I even think this was a good idea.

Ugh. Oh well, at least I wrote something, I suppose.

Small steps. Small steps.

(Also, this absolutely cements the idea in my head that I’m obsessed with Death)

Author: PJ

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