Couch to 80k Week 2 Day 5

Ok, things are starting to come together a little. First the usual disclaimer (apologies for repeating this every. Single. Day. But any one of these posts could be someone’s first post, so better to let them know…)

If you’ve been following, you’ll know, but if not: Couch to 80k is an 8 week writers bootcamp, requiring about 20 minutes per day (10 minutes of writing) by Tim Clare. I decided to do it to build some writing muscle and I blog my experience of doing it here.

Ok, let’s begin.

Okay, today was the first exercise (and maybe there’ll be more – I’m deliberatly doing this one at a time without knowing what’s next) where we had to start going back and reusing things. Write a letter from a character in your list of names (from week 1 day 1) to another character (from the same list).

Now, if you read my original week 1 day 1 post you’ll know my list of names contained a lot of stuff that was clearly influenced by my experience in drawing Judge Dredd and my love of Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, so I ended up picking “Roomba Coople” writing to “Luna Cornwallis”. The task was to write a letter with a strong emotion in mind (I went with guilt). The names pretty clearly felt like a cleaner and her mistress, so it seemed obvious Roomba was apologising for something. And then the freewriting began.

I’m not entirely sure I captured Roomba’s voice. She’s not that bright, and I ended up writing it as though it were dialogue, I suspect if she were writing a letter it’d be full of misspellings, etc (though I headed that off early by suggestion her son was helping her to write the letter). The letter was basically going to be her asking for her job back after breaking a vase – and an explanation for “the missing money” and her begging for her job back. (According to the letter it turns out a cat broke the vase, and the money – hidden in the vase- was given to Roomba’s husband “Percy” – who drinks and gambles – to get the vase fixed. Didn’t have time to finish the letter, so no idea how that worked out-but I suspect Percy is a wrong ‘un)

It was an interesting exercise, don’t think I succeed at it, but failure is it’s own reward, eh? (Though, in other ways it was a success it filled in a lot about Roomba which until I started the letter was just a name, now I know she’s a cleaner, I know she’s lost her job because of her husband’s vices, her son is smart and has probably escaped their lower class existance, and even though, her sister is a cat lady who never had kids, Roomba herself can’t stand the skittery buggers.)

See you tomorrow.

(Oh just realised, I called her Roomba, like the little robot house cleaners, so there’s that…)

Author: PJ

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