Couch to 80k Week 2 Day 3

Usual caveats apply: If you’ve been following, you’ll know, but if not: Couch to 80k is an 8 week writers bootcamp, requiring about 20 minutes per day (10 minutes of writing) by Tim Clare. I decided to do it to build some writing muscle and I blog my experience of doing it here.

Ok, so this week is all free writing. I’m feeling a bit… I dunno… like I’m moving from the paddling pool of lists to the big boy swimming pool and I’m uncomfortable all the time. Which is probably a good thing. Tim, again on a walk, took us to a wood. And last night I was drawing wolverine as weapon X. So anyway the two ideas crunched together and I free wrote a piece that was, initially intended to be from Wolverine’s POV as he escaped the weapon X programme, but then became about a guy called McCabe – the guy guarding the rear in the team hunting for wolverine, and the moment of his death from wolvie’s claws, and all the choices he made up until that moment “Choices he’d made that seemed to be in the moment, suddenly looked like row upon row of domino falling until this point” – I’m not sure it’s any good, but it was interesting to me to explore McCabe’s life (army/special forces/turned to drink to relieve the boredom, rather than dull the pain of being a killer, because, actually, he quite enjoyed the killing).

I’ll not bore you with a full extract (unless you wanna see it? I dunno? I anyone reading this? Is this useful? Am I alone here? Oh GOD PLEASE LIKE ME!)

Anyway, here’s the weapon X image…

(BTW I’ve been trying to avoid the slightly easy lure of writing comic related free form stuff, especially if it’s based on extant properties I don’t own. I think it’s a terribly ill advised choice to make, but here we are…)

Author: PJ

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