Couch to 80k Week 1 Day 7

Haha! There IS not week 1 day 7. But I’m in the habit now, so I thought I’d continue today in the spirit of the entire week of it. (If you’re coming in late, Couch to 80k is a writer’s bootcamp, 20 minutes per day, 6 days per week – 10 minute pep talk, then 10 minutes of a writing exercise. It’s an 8 week course and you read all about it here).

As this first week has been all about lists, I figured I could make my own list – and since I’ve been noodling, from week one, with one of the character names that I really liked that came from one of those lists (Curiosity Vanderbilt, space detective!) I thought it’d go with “Things a futuristic PI could investigate” with 10 minutes on the clock.

Here’s my top 3 (of a reasonably long list)

1) Missing person who has been turned into 10 other people, each are aspects of the persons personality, none have complete memories of who they are.

2) The PI witnesses their own murder via time dilation

3) Femme fatal who turns everyone she meets in to another version of herself. Exponential growth means she’ll become the entire universe if not stopped.

Starting the next week tomorrow! See you then.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.