Couch to 80k Week 1 Day 6

Whoop whoop! And that’s week 1 done.

I enjoyed that a lot. For a couple of reasons; 1. I’ve tried couch to 5k and this is a lot easier. And 2. It’s the start of a journey that, I hope, ends with me writing for myself.

Day 6 was another list- and I think we’re done with lists now, Things you’d find in a protagonists bag. I’ve been slightly surprised to find out what my brain does when told to just go off on one. On the names list it turns out I – well, I dunno if I’m good at it, but I churned out a lot of names that I really found fun and interesting (and now anytime I see a two word combination I think “Oh would that make a good name?” I mean, “Quaequam Blag” is a Betelgeusian exclamation, as seen in 2000AD, that means – more or less – “WTF”. But now, I see it as a really fun name for a bank robbing alien.

That’s the good bit. My brain is slowly rewiring itself towards writing.

I feel like deep inside me there may be a decent writer – to be honest, if I didn’t think that I probably wouldn’t even have started the thing. I just need to give myself the tools you need to begin to write and, more importantly, to finish things you write.

One unfortunate side effect, is I can hear Tim Clare’s dulcet tones when I read books on writing now – narrating the book to me. This is, largely, I think, down to the fact that I binge listened to a whole load of his podcast “Death by a 1000 cuts” (of which the couch to 80k is part).

I recommend the podcast. I don’t recommend the binge listen (I can even hear the bugger reading this blog post out as I type it.)

Oh here’s my top three things to find in a protagonists bag:1. A small mobile phone, small buttons, with a green screen and a battery that lasts for weeks. There is no signal.2. Nothing. A null. A void. Emptiness. Loss3. Old B&W photo, from the vietnam war, three of the people have a red line through their faces, the top left corner is folded in.There were, of course, much more. But I liked those three. Tim talks a lot about “Crunchy Specificity” – in other words, get to really clear specifics. Not the house, but the small terrace that was built in the 50s, roof tiles covered in moss. Not a packet of sweets but a packet of starburt, torn at one end, but closed over so the remainign sweets don’t spill out.(These are not good examples). Anyway. You go and do it. If I can do it, I bet you can do it better.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.