Couch to 80k week 1 day 5

Still doing this!

Look away now, if you’re going to do it too… (see my previous posts for links)

So, today’s task was … write a list of books you’ve always meant to read – both fiction and non fiction.

Man, I found this hard. And for two reasons:

1) I’m not particularly bright and my memory is awful, so I just couldn’t think of much that I hadn’t read but wanted to and…

2) A Couple of years ago I decided to read every book I could think of that I always wanted to read but had never done so. This included books like “I am Legend”, “A Canticle For Lebowitz”, “Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde” and more. So I sort of had covered a lot of basis.

I got a little list, which I’ll add too. The non fiction list was even worse than the fiction list – because, well… I couldn’t think of anything. I think the internet has subsumed all my non-fiction reading (which is why I have an astonishing breadth of knowledge but with practically no depth in anything, so I’m good on pub quizzes, but not so hot in an actual conversation about a topic…)

Still, this list is unusual in that it’s one he suggests you add to and keep open, so I’ll be doing that (though it’s so easy just to think of a book and order it online, it’s a little harder to sit and read.)

Nearing the end of week 1, though, so that in itself is impressive. Well done me. (And you, if you’re joining me)

Author: PJ

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