Couch to 80k week 3 day 2/3

Didn’t get to blog yesterday. If you’re interested in taking part of a free writers boot camp it’s here.

My process for doing this is to work on my iPad Pro, using a pretty nice logitech keyboard (I like it because the keyboard is lit, and I’ve found the hideous expensive apple covers tend to fall apart after a year so there was no way I was buying the apple keyboard cover)

I will talk about what I’m doing on the course, and my text that I generate (I realise it’s interesting to me and somewhat amusing sometimes to put the entirety of whatever I’ve typed but, as my wife has already pointed out – more than once – no-one wants to read an entire list of funny names [she didn’t even say funny names, I added that to salve my ego)

What I’m saying is, if you want to do the boot camp – do it sight unseen – and look away now.

I’ve found day 2 to be the hardest so far – construct two lists of words, one list is words you like and the second list is words you don’t like. My brain fizzled at thinking of words I don’t like. I ended up constructing a list of words that were a little dull. The words I do like ended up being a list of words with polysyllables (I’ll be honest, I’ve always liked big words)

I won’t list them all, but to give you a sense of it, on the good list: Versimilitude, Misanthrope, Vortex, Elongate (and there’s a lot more) on the bad list: like, cute, tank, cry, dull.

Honestly, it was a struggle for words I didn’t like (I suggest that’s a failure in my imagination rather than some sort of worthy “All words are good” nonsense).

Day 3, another list day, but this time a list of Problems characters might face, large or small. To give you a feel for some of mine here’s my favourite (though I did notice some of them actually turned out to be me stealing plots from movies, but that’s probably ok. Probably)

  • About to face God, character needs to fart.
  • A superhero with super strength/super speed/super vision lacks the fine motor controls to unscrew a tiny screw that will save everyone’s life.
  • A man has been turned into a bird and has to convince his wife to forgive him so the curse can be lifted.

There’s a lot more than this. I’m not sure where we’re going, I suspect it a some point we’ll be going through some of these lists and picking out plots to write up stories. But we’ll see.

Author: PJ

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