Chaotic Evil

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Dungeons N Dragons monster/people Alignment categories (if not from the game, then probably from exposure to memes and wotnot via the inter web).

They are:

Lawful good | Neutral good | Chaotic good
Lawful neutral | true neutral | Chaotic neutral
Lawful evil | Neutral evil |Chaotic evil

I’ve been sort of mulling over, in my head, the overlap in various artists and inking styles over the years (there are artists clearly influenced by each other, and artists who influence other artists and styles mutate and change over time). When I was younger I could tell who drew some art based on a single bit of line work, reading the contours, the steadiness of hand, the sharpness of line and telling you if it was a Bolland, Ezquerra, McMahon or Smith (or Gibbons, or Dillon, or… etc)

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to marry these two little things up: an Alignment category for artists. It’s a work in progress, and tbh, it’s hard to do this without implying some sort of value judgement (especially when you see the word “Good”) – but I mean nothing of the sort. My categories map as follow:

LAWFUL / CHAOTIC – inking style that’s more controlled to inking style that’s thrashed out and contains splashes (so this is, I suppose rendering)

GOOD / EVIL – more properly this would be REALISM (Good) to IMAGINATIVE (EVIL) (I mean, I clearly don’t think Imagination is evil, but when I was first mulling this over, this is where I ended up)

So, here we go…

Brian Bolland (Lawful Good) | Steve Dillon (Neutral good) | Bill Sienkiewicz (Chaotic Good)

Adam Hughes (Lawful Neutral) | Becky Cloonan (true neutral) | Klaus Janson (Chaotic Neutral)

Kevin Nowlan (Lawful Evil) | Mike Mignola (Neutral Evil) | Si Bisley (Chaotic Evil)

Look, this is just a silly game. Maybe you’ll have better luck filling in the blanks, or maybe you’ll have less luck! Who knows, but if you do it, please let me know, I’d love to see where everyone ends up!

(I’d probably put myself as Neutral Good, up there with Steve Dillon, if I had the choice – that is to say, controlled inking – but not insanely so – and reasonable levels of realism… maybe)


Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.