February Round Up

Hey! It’s near enough the end of February that I should probably have some sort of monthly newsletter round up (for the blog at least).

Ok, here’s some stuff that’s happened…

James Bond: M has happened. Written by Declan Shalvey, M gets a message that his past is coming back to haunt him and he heads off to Belfast to sort it out. It’s a one shot, 30 pages from Dynamite and I’m pretty happy with it. Unusually for me, I sat down and read the entire finished article and really enjoyed it. Dec’s written a tight little story and I’ve drawn Belfast as she exists (I’ll do an artists commentary track at some point, in the meantime if you want to read Dec’s writers commentary here.

Finished drawing episode 3 of the Garth Ennis penned World of Tanks: Citadel. This is a five parter, and coming from Dark Horse comics in May.

The finishing of this coincided with the publication of M so I’m feeling a little demob and decided to spend the weekend wreaking havoc in my studio and cleaning it out to replace it with something new.

It looks like this currently

And my plan is to rip out most of the furniture and replace it with a single massive Ikea Kallax unit (Ikea’s modular cupboardy furniture thing) which you can add shelves too, etc.

I’ve already emptied out the filing cabinet (it’s got my tax info in one single sleeve in one drawer, so I don’t actually use it) and the wooden cabinet that held older tax stuff and a decade and a half of crappy sketchbooks with nothing of value in them (all dumped now – I kept anything half decent, there wasn’t much)

But I’m nowhere near finished with it all. And I’m starting to feel that antsy feeling you get when you haven’t drawn for a couple of days (I mean, goodness it was a relief to finish all deadlines and know there was no pressure for a day or two, but no I actually WANT to draw. And do something spectacular).

So back to drawing tomorrow. Despite the fact the studio …er… doesn’t look much different. (At least not yet)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.