There are some weird things you don’t think you have to think about when you do a project like “M” – one of them is… what will I call the files – because in about three years time when someone asks will I be able to find a file if it’s just called “M”?

So I ended up calling it “James Bond: Project M” – basically SEO for my own files.

M is 30 pages, written by Declan Shalvey, with colours by Dearblha Kelly letters by Simon Bowland and put together for Dynamite by Nate Cosby and due out on the 21st Februday. I did an interview with the BBC NI Arts Show, which should be fun and is on this Thursday at 10. Once it’s online I’ll throw a link up.

Here’s an interview with me and Dec and Here’s some art!

Firstly, the layouts for these five pages …



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