Hey All! 

In trying to simplify my online life, I’ve managed to cock up and have a number of blogs to maintain. I’m gonna be phasing all of them out in favour of the blog on my own website ( where I’m always 100% sure I own the actual content (*No idea of Posterous T&C – I assume they’re perfectly reasonable, but, like many people, I’m sure, I barely read T&Cs and, if I do, it’s when someone has paniced and assumed they’re giving away all their work to twitpic or something).

Posterous is a brilliant way to pass content onto my wordpress blog, but I find that I have two seperate blogs to keep up to date and check for typos! Well, no more!

Thanks for subscribing, and I hope you join me over at

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.