Well, that’s that then.

I’ve just uploaded the final page of Numbercruncher, episode 10 – 80pages in total. If you want to find out what happens to mathematician, Richard Thyme, The Devine Calculator’s hardest nut, Bastard Zane, and the crazy bureaucracy of the afterlife that our hero (and anti-hero) find themselves in then, then it all plays out in next two issues of the Judge Dredd Megazine. If you missed it, or fancy reading the meg, it’s available online from the 2000AD shop here’s the issues:…

(At the time of writing, only issues 306-310 are available to buy digitally, but, if you’re coming to this post late, they should all be there).

Thanks for joining me and Si on this fine adventure, we hope you liked it, and, fingers crossed, you’ll see Zane and Thyme again. And again. And again.*

(*That’s a joke, because it’s about reincarnation …)


(Images are:1. A Greyscale test, we weren’t sure exactly how we wanted things to look. Si wanted something a little more ‘organic’ then the greywash effect achieved here.
2. Black & White of the same page.3. Ultimately, I ended up adding greywash directly to the page, rather than doing lineart and adding it in photoshop.
4. Bastard Zane, the original design – I SOOO wanted the hitler moustache . Oh well.5. More clunky looking designs.
6-9. First four pages. Still really like those pages.
10. Cover designs, there was only one real choice (in fact the others were thrown in there as a ‘well, I should really give a couple of options’)
11. B&W Lineart. Unlike the interior pages, I knew this would be in full colour, so decided to add texture in the computer.
12. Colour Cover – sadly the meg logo covered up much of the background. Still really like this cover though, and, hopefully… if we get a collection…

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.