So, here’s the thing, this space is now my professional home. No more stuff and nonsense, just all news (when there is any) and, maybe, some sketches. But, as a rule, I’m just not an artist who sketches – I draw comics, all my drawing is focused on that. So, I figured it’s time I started some sketching, but what to do…
So here’s what I did: I created a new blog called where I try and draw /sketch an image that’s been deliberately influenced by one or more artists – it’s an exercise in wearing your influence on your sleeve. And, as well as that, I then explain why I drew what I drew – the thinking behind that sketch, along with whatever details I can dredge up from memory about the artist in question.

My favourite, thus far, is the Arthur Rackham one. Go have a look. It’s still early days and so I haven’t yet needed to start cycling back to the start again, but I probably will – unless you nice people can leave me comments, either suggesting artists or telling what I should be looking at. I want to learn more about the long, long flow of amazing illustrators, cartoonists, painters and all round creative types that have come before me.



Getting things in perspective

I knew, as I was making it, that I’d end up cocking it up. And I think I did. I’ve no real formal art training, so, stuff like this is me teaching myself and figuring things out all on my own.

Anyhue, here’s the first pass at a simple trick for making grids in perspective – IMPORTANT: This is wrong (I think) it works for one point perspective BUT not two point. (Actually, turns out, I think, to be simpler to do in two point perspective than how I mangled it here). Still, may be of use to you: