Portfolio Bristol 2011

Here’s the work that I’m bringing with me to Bristol to sell. It’s made up of a bunch of stuff (all of which I either like or think someone will like). The Tales from the Black Museum is a complete strip (9 pages) as is the Judge Dredd Aldous Mayou (though it’s only 6). I will sell individual pages, but I’d quite like those to stick together.

There’s also a few covers and a pin up from the Boys.

I’ll price them on the day, though, if you’d like to make sure I hold one over for you, you can email me at pjholden at gmail dot com, and I can give you a price and arrange pickup.

I’ll also be sketching on the day – armed with some nice prismacolour markers, greys and light colours, so fancy pants sketching.

Hope to see you there!


Spies Like Us

A sketch. Prelim drawing in blueline pencil, then pencilled with 2H, then inked with brush and some acrylic red added.

If I were doing it again, I’d not put her boob in shadow and I’d maybe not have her head turned so far round it looks like it’s broken. Still, happy with it. Everyone loves Elvis.