Bloggy Update

Blimey, I’ve been most remiss at keeping this place up to date. Most of my day to day nonsense happens on the twitter ( Anyhue, here’s a fill in:

Numbercruncher is barrelling towards the end – still a few episodes to draw, but all scripts completed by Si Spurrier (him what wrote it) and it’s up to ep 5 in print, iirc.

Started a four part mini series for a publisher I’ve worked with before, can’t say what it is (let’s call it Project T), but it’s written by a friend of mine and someone I’ve been itching to work with for some time. Also: it’s a cool gig.

Also started Monsterology – four part mini series by Gordon Rennie. That’ll come after Project T.

And, after that? It’s time I started writing something of my own. I’ve a couple of ideas filed away (truth be told, I’ve a bunch of ideas that have never moved beyond and embryonic stage, but I would like to do them).

But that’s a while out in the distance, if Monsterology proves popular, I’d love to be doing that for a long, long time. We’ll have to see.

Regarding Conventions: haven’t made any plans this year at all for cons. BUT, I think I’ll try and get to at least a couple – flying has become more and more a pain in the backside over the years, and it’s starting to creep up in price, but I’d love to hit Bristol (which I’ve missed for a few years) and then there’s Q-Con and 2D both in Northern Ireland.

That’s it, that’s your update. 


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