Books Roundup


I’ve been asked a few times for good books for helping people to draw comics, if I’m totally honest, while I’ve bought all of these books, the best book is a blank moleskin that you fill with art. Having said that, here’s some of my books (along with amazon links!) Some that EVERYONE recommends and some that I’ve rarely seen mentioned by anyone.

How to draw comics the Marvel Way

Bonkers, and light as a feather, but even so, still a shining example of why drawing comics (in the marvel fashion) is different from just drawing normal people sitting around.

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud and its companion Making Comics

Drawing the Clothed Figure – Barbara Bradley – the BEST book for fabric drawing ever. This woman teaches artists at Disney,

Anatomy for the Artist

Muscle in Motion – Glen Fabry

And… well, there’s a whole lot more – this is just a tiny selection of the books I have – I also have, and you’ll find it via google, books by Andrew Loomis that really are beautiful – but long out of print.

Author: PJ

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