Experiments in Video land

Youtube, time lapse inking:

Filmed on my iPhone 4 in HD (mounted precariously) using the software ReelMoments (£1.19) which is brilliantly simple for making time lapse.

Then, when I discovered I’d accidentally locked the orientation – so the video was playing vertically instead of horizontally, I downloaded and used Rotate Video HD (59p) that allows you to rotate the video on the iPhone (rather than moving it to the computer and then rotating).
Then I just uploaded it directly to iTunes.
Which, in all, is something quite amazing – I tried to do similar years ago, using the desktop computer and it took longer and was nowhere near as easy.

Anyhue, with some luck, more of that, I think.


New Year New Resolutions

Hey up!

Normally, I’d have some sort of comic strip summing up the past year – but I made the mistake of mulling it over first, then pencilling it then thinking about it then deciding not to do that.

2010 was, for many, a crappy year. We survived it – albeit with some personal setbacks, some work related setbacks and, probably, one of the least busy work years yet. This new year at least opens with a bit of a bang with the first part of the 10 part Numbercruncher series out. You can buy it in newsagents from next week, or if you subscribe to the Megazine you’ll either have it already or be getting it soon. Let me know what you think!

Last year I set up some new year resolutions, and here they are again:

1) More work. I’ll be damned if I don’t draw more this year than the year before. In practical terms that means about four pages per week (at least).

FAIL! Well, plenty of work – but less published than anything. I did work that no-one will ever see (work for a TV series pilot) that was fun, paid well and didn’t get a series go ahead.

2) I want another American book

FAIL! See point one.

3) Something creator owned

SUCCESS! Numbercruncher is creator owned. Also, once the new year kicks in I can start digging into Monsterology (when we settle on a publisher).

4) I want to take the small, tiny sliver of light that appears from the marginally cracked open door of the American big two and turn it into a shining beacon – or at least shove the door open enough that I can, at least, get a foot in (or maybe just a toe)

FAIL! I hit New York, but the entire US comic industry underwent some mad changes, editorial people moving hither and yon (well, that’s an excuse, I failed to really capitalise/try some things).

5) More covers for 2000AD. Last year I did my first two covers, I want to do more. I shy away from them because I think of myself as an interior artist, but, you know… who wouldn’t want to draw a 2000AD cover.

FAIL! Ok, ONE cover for the Meg for numbercruncher. But still.


No resolutions this year I’m afraid. This year may be about recovering from last year (and the previous two years). I want to do more drawing, I want to start running again, I want to lose weight and I want to get this house built that we have plans for. But I’m promising nothing.

Have a good year!