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Hello, if you’re new around here or new to me (and I’m sure someone is) I shall now attempt to do a potted “About Me”.

I’m a Belfast based comic artist, who’s worked for 2000AD drawing Judge Dredd (and more!) for the past decade.

In the time, I’ve also drawn Grim Future War for Warhammer and Grim WWII for Dynamite (and Garth Ennis).

I’ve only been working in comics full time for the past couple of years. Up until then it was a part time gig. It’s taken me 10 years to give up my day job (it was a good day job).

I’m currently working on a creator owned series called “Numbercruncher” with Si Spurrier, trying to find a home for a second creator owned series and, when I’m not drawing, I’m a stay at home husband and dad of two young boys – Nathan, 6, and Thomas, 2. They eat up MASSIVE amounts of my time.

Once young Thomas gets to school, I hope to actually be able to take up comics full time (instead of the two days a week plus evenings that they currently are).

You can find me saying either stupid things or profound things (depending on how much booze you’ve drank) on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/pauljholden

You can find some art of mine on Deviant Art at http://pauljholden.deviantart.com

And you can listen to me say stupid stuff all the while playing a larger than life character (I say this only for legal reasons) on the Sunnyside Comics podcast at http://www.sunnysidecomics.com (now in its second season!)

Anyhue, that’s me. Who are you? Say hello!


Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.