New York New Portfolio

New York tomorrow, so some serious last minute prep…

My portfolio is a simple A4 book, with pages inserted into plastic leaves. I also have some leave behinds – copies of Happy Valley and print photocopies.

The portfolio is broken into two halves:

First half: Artwork to impress.

Starting with the opening 6 pages of Happy Valley ep1. A Garth Ennis book and some nice art and great little scene starter.

Next, 9 pages of the Judge Dredd Lost Cases I did with Alan Grant for the Megazine. I like the quirky art and the ink style, and it’s a big contrast to Happy Valley.

Next, we start into the Creator Owned area with the opening gambit of ‘Monsterology’. More as I’m allowed to talk about it, but it’s 7 pages and has dinosaurs, evil little bat creatures and weird alien worlds with dead astronauts. People like it so far.

Next Number Cruncher, written by Si Spurrier and appearing in [censored] soon. Four page scene starter, that works really well given it was taken out of an 8 page strip.

And, finally, Murderdrome. Old faithful.

Basically, it’s too much stuff. But, if I can hook an editor onto Happy Valley and the express an interest in Creator Owned work (as Dark Horse has done in the past) I have three very different projects to hit then with.

Anyhue, wish me luck!

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.