News Roundup

I feel some stuff has happened, so time for a little News Round Up


We’ve decided to pitch Murderdrome to CLiNT – they’re looking for iconic characters with a black sense of humour, and, basically, that’s what Murderdrome Is. Which means you get to read the first six pages (actually the ONLY six pages) for the first time ever. You can read it at at the Millarworld forums (and compare it to the everything else that’s being pitched) here:

(No idea when Millar will review the many, many strips in that thread, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know.)

Or, you can skip past the jump below and read it on its own.

Some PR has arrived for Strip, and I’m happy to say I’m doing the first issue’s cover. Featuring hot sexy lady, Dude with a gun, magic bloke and big old shark with hook through its jaw. All good. Read the details here: (eta on Strip is early 2011)

++ITEM: New York Comic Con++
++Dateline: 8th Oct – 20 Oct 2011 ++

Every part of me is screaming don’t do it, but I’m doing it anyway. It’s a tough con this year, as I hadn’t planned to go, so didn’t book anywhere. Instead I’m sleeping on the floor of the Eclectic Micks up in Brooklyn (this will be peculiar and odd and an adventure, but I’m old and creaky and want a bed, so we’ll see how it goes).

Details on the NY Comic Con here: 
++Dateline: 16th Oct – 17th Oct ++

I was determined to do either New York or BICS this year. Since I’d decided not to do NY, I booked BICS thinking let’s go the extra mile and brink the wife. So we’re both at BICS. (Then I thought, hey I don’t have enough money, why not go to New York anyway).

Also: please buy some artwork off me. I will need the readies.

++ITEM: Wexworlds 2011++
++Dateline: 26th-28th Nov++

James Bacon has very kindly invited me down to Wexworlds. I’m gonna be knackered but it should be fun.


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