The Happy Prince

Things Unseen #1 in an occasional series.

Oscar Wilde’s the Happy Prince, this is the first 8 pages of an attempted adaptation by Malachy Coney and me, from … uhm.. ’98 (according to the signature in one of the scans). Not sure what happened – but it didn’t get beyond these first few pages.

Mal had relocated the entire thing to Belfast, and hence, the, at the time unthinkable, image of Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams walking along at the start. I like some of the inking – page 1 has a certain charm (mostly, I’m sure, to do with just how much of Belfast I crammed in there) and the first panel of the last page has some nice inking. Also, I think the dog has certain goofy something. Anyhue, hope you like.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.