I pencil these at A4, using a 2H pencil (very rough and scribbley) then I ink them with a v5 tech point (over the rough pencils). Then scan it in, and correct it and add a bit of shading to give it some weight.

Image 1 is the pencil/ink rough stage. (I redrew Dredd’s arm in photoshop to point it slightly more to the viewer).


I then enlarge that in photoshop to A3, convert the image to RGB and convert he line art to blue line (using IMAGE->Adjustments->Hue Saturation, setting it to ‘colourise’ and the HUE to 180, Saturation to 80 and Lightness to 60-90 depending on how light I want the bluelines). Once printed I ink that directly on the paper, using a nib pen and black indian ink. I might, also, at this stage, add a border to the page – here I added a very simple curved line border that I inked over to give an old fashioned feel.

Inking took a couple of hours, pencils too about 20mins. Turned out very quickly, partly because this technique stops you needing to rub anything out (although I did erase Dredd’s arm in photoshop and redrew it, but that was very quick) and partly because it’s scribbly and fun to draw Dredd standing on ruins.

Pretty happy with it, the composition is nice and there’s even a little story going on, which I leave for the viewer to figure out…

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.