Inking In Manga Studio

I’m back in Manga Studio. A recent update fixed some major stability problems (though, to be fair, they were easy to avoid – but somewhat fatal). Which has really boosted my confidence in using the software for production level stuff. The last job I did in MS – four pages of the recent Johnny Woo – worked really well, but I began to miss the feel of real paper. The current job is BOX (from Strip Magazine UK) episode 2. This is a shorter strip, and, I’m hoping it’ll allow me to play more in MS.
I’ve added some neat textured brushes, which, when you turn the opacity to 100% on them give a great range of effects as solid line art.
Here’s a panel. (Blueline – drawn with pencil on paper, scanned in and turned blue in MS. Blueline with inks, and just inks)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.