Cellar of Dredd Commission

John Burdis who runs the blog http://cellarofdredd.blogspot.com asked me if I could come up with a pic of him and Dredd and include the title of the blog in the title. So I came up with a little scenario and inked it up.

I pencilled it, scanned it in, touched up the pencils (mostly by enlarging dredd’s head a bit and changing the size of his left hand). The added dialogue, and it’s balloon and a border in photoshop – and converted the pencils to blueline. Printed that and started inking with combination of dip pen (for foreground Dredd and Judge Burdis in background and most of the foreground elements) and brush (for the background texture, including the ‘Cellar of Dredd’ lettering).

The torch – I’ve been asked a couple of times about the torch – I HEAVILY inked the torch hand (adding a lot of shadow to it) and then masked off everything but the arc of light from the torch (using some spare paper and scissors) and then flicked a lot of white acrylic ink all over the hand.
And that’s it. Hope you like. Email me if you’re interested in getting a commission like it (I’ve enjoyed the two that I’ve done, they feel like old school 2000AD covers to me…)


Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.