A Saturday Murderdrome Update

Currently facing a little down time while I’m waiting on a new script, so, time to start hacking away at Murderdrome again.

Murderdrome is an interesting challenge, the script was written as eight panel single page episodes which, for the original iPhone comic, I was splitting into individual panels, now, though, I’m going back to proper comic pages, and finding that I need to split them up into three/four panels per page. So each episode comes in at two to three pages. I’m kind of enjoying it, though, allows me to open up some things that I normally wouldn’t dare do. This page is a single panel in the script, but a big dramatic moment.

Also: going away from a script and coming back is a big in the ass – your drawing style (at least mine) has usually changed quite a bit, I think I’ve done 90 pages between one page and the next on this Murderdrome. Though it’s not just the drawing style, I think Murderdrome requires an over the top madness – that Henry Flint achieves neatly with Al’s Zombo in 2000AD- that I’ve let slide a little, so I’m starting to try and get that insane over the top, theatrical dramatics back.

ps Originally this page was flipped on the horizontal – I think, storytelling wise, this works better.


Author: PJ

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