Slate vs iPad


Some immediate thoughts:

I’ve been thinking this for awhile, but the iPad is clearly designed to be used in a portrait orientation – the placement of the home key is a dead giveaway. It’s something that’s always baffled me – portrait seems to be the perfect orientation for documents/books and yet landscape seems to be perfect for film/computers. Why is that? Is it that at a certain distance some things are easier viewed in certain ways? If so, then it strikes me that going for a default portrait orientation on a device designed to be held in the same proximity as a magazine is a smart choice. One that I’m surprised very few tablet makers make.

The HP device looks clunky compared to Apple’s sleek lines (given how little there is on either device, it’s odd how obvious that difference is…)

And why does the HP ad bombard you with stuff so quickly that you don’t really get the chance to see how it works?

This other video, showing the HP Slate using flash is interesting for a couple of reasons:

(the iPad’s home page looks too roomy, like they haven’t quite finished it yet, the HPs home page looks like they’ve thrown everything in there – clutter city, and lots of tiny little places you may – or may not – be supposed to tap)
The Slate has scroll bars! Scroll bars! Haven’t they seen the iPhone? Yes, there’s more screen real estate on the Slate but why would you sacrifice any of it to scroll bars? (and has two massive scroll bars that don’t appear to be scrollable, taking up a big chunk of the screen.

Looking at that guys fingers – there’s no way he can hit some of those buttons. Plus, it does that horrible thing of displaying the mouse cursor when you tap something. It’s all so… so… ungraceful.

Anyways, I’m disappointed. I’m getting fed up with Apple’s way or the high way attitude to everything, but, on the other hand, if the Slate is the best we can hope for in terms of competition. Well, looks like it’s Apple’s way.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.