Happy Valley #3 Preview

Here’s some places you can read a couple of pages of Happy Valley #3 – if you haven’t bought the series as it’s come out – and shame on you, you tradewaiter! You can order the trade of Happy Valley from amazon here Battlefields Volume 4: Happy Valley (also, there may be a hardcover coming too, which includes everything from the second series of Battlefields, but I don’t have a link -sorry!)

(and there’re others, but, let’s face it, it’s the same few pages anyways!)

Ok, should be at your local comic shop on the 17th or 18th of this month depending on whether you’re US or UK.
That’s it for me and Battlefields (so far as this series). It’d be nice to do more, but we’ll see. Don’t forget you can let Garth know what you thought of it, via the Battlefields email address (which Garth then answers in the letter column of the comic – a lettercolumn!)

And that email address is: letters@dynamiteentertainment.com


Author: PJ

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