The working week

Every so often I'll document my working week on the blog, and here's how it shapes up in 2010.

First, I have two young kids – Nathan (5) is at school Monday – Friday and Thomas (1) is … home.

So, Monday – Wednesday I look after the kids until the wife comes home. With a bit of luck I can find a babysitter on Monday or Tuesday. Nath goes to school, but Thomas stays home. I'll try and get some work done at night, but, to be honest, by the time the kids have gone to bed my head is wrecked. So I'll sit and stew in front of the telly for an hour or two.

Thursday and Friday are my working week. Sometimes I'll get something done at the weekend, sometimes not.

If I work flat out, I can get four pages of art done over the week (Thur&Fri a page each, Sat – Wed the other two). And, sometimes, I can get more done (depending on how tight the deadlines are – in November I did 32 pages of finished art!).

Right now, we're STILL settling into a routine with two kids (yes, it's taken nearly two years to get into a routine) – never let anyone tell you two kids is 'easier' than one. It's not. It's much more diffclt.

At some point both kids will be at school and the opportunity to work normal(ish) hours will open up.

Anyhue, there you go, the life of a dad of two working as a comic artist.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.