So, it’s here… Jobs! He saved everyone of us! (ironically without using flash…)

The iPad is 9.7″ of screen, capable of running all current iPhone apps – and, with a minor modification, those apps will run on both the iPhone and the iPad using the full size screen. In other words: buy a comic reader on your iPhone and it will gracefully scale up to the iPad.

You’ll be able to get one in 2 months, and, current reckoning is that it’ll cost about £399 in the UK for the 16Gb model. I’m thinking of the 32Gb. My first mac laptop had a 40Gb hard drive. I think it scores some major points over netbooks and laptops for reading comics, not least of which is that it’s pretty much all screen (bar the bevel that sits around it and helps you hold the thing without activating multitouch).

iVerse and Comixology will, I imagine, be available for the iPad as soon as you can buy the iPad – in fact, I’d guess they’re working on their apps right now – and are probably going to take a short time to adapt them. (And, with them comes Boom, IDW and lots of other mid tier publishers).
Similarly, Dark Horse will probably get something up and running for the iPad’s proper launch. I’m guessing that Mignola’s Hellboy will look gorgeous on the screen.
Marvel and DC, like all big companies, are tied up by red tape. I hope they can figure out a way to get stuff on there. I think once the standard monthly comics become available on the iPad, that alone will guarantee the success of it – lets face it, there’s many a fanboy that buys EVERYTHING marvel or dc publish – what’s $499 compared to that?

Digital comics are settling into price points around 99cents, or $1.99 for some of the bigger name titles – like walking dead. When I first talked about digital comics on the iPhone, I really wanted to set a price around $1.99 – but that included the comic, pencils and all sorts of extras that would’ve made it seem like a multi-disk dvd compared to the movie (and, in fact, I still think 99cents and $1.99 for a simple comic or comic with a bunch of extras is pretty viable…)

If I were a comic shop, I’d be setting up wifi and reading areas and helping this along – all to help sell graphic novels. Interested in buying hellboy? sure, sit down, download chapter one for free from the Dark Horse comic app, have a read and then buy the collection. Simples.

(Mind you, I live in a lovely fantasy land where everything is made of chocolate, so the realities of this would probably not quiet work out like that…)

I’d’ve loved it if the screen were a higher resolution – as it is, it’s slightly lower res than the iPhone screen (still higher than most computer monitors) and the question remains as to how readable comic lettering would be – especially some of the more elaborate ‘hand written’ fonts.

If you’re a comic artist, you’d be mad not to get it. I’ll be bunching all of reference photos and the kids dvds on to it. It’s a bright future, and it’s coming in two months…

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.