The Apple Tablet

This is a Posterous only post, as I don’t want to clutter my proper bloggy site up with this nonsense, but… I’m as stupidly looking forward to this mythical Apple Tablet as practically everyone I know. I’ve even figured out how I can afford to buy one, up to the value of around £600-£700. Which, for a non-existant device is downright barmy.

Anyhue, here’s my predictions:

No smaller than 10″ – I’ve checked, comics smaller than that are utterly unreadable.

No home button. In fact, I’d even guess that the screen goes right to the edge – ie, no bevel – or one so small it’s practically invisible.

New gestures – I’ve guessing three finger side swipe to move between open applications (which will, of course, run concurrently) and I’m guessing a five finger pinch to call up the home menu.

From the outset of the device’s launch you’ll be able to buy magazines books, and, ultimately, comics from iTunes.

It WILL run iPhone apps, initially, iPhone apps will run as maybe three per screen – side by side, then as the SDK 4.0 becomes available, apps will be capable of recognising the tablet and reconfiguring the screen to run on them (or, possibly, only SDK 4.0 apps will run on the tablet, but you’ll be able to download software that, in essence, runs on your iPhone and your iTablet)

I’m unsure of the name, but don’t be surprised by something left-field like “iCanvas”

On yes, multitouch the allows you to use a pen – and, better, it can detect how much surface is being ‘touched’ – so, for example, you can use a brush on it, the more the brush touches then, in a drawing app, the more digital paint can be applied.

It’ll become HUGE.

That’s it. Roll on the 27th


(btw: dammit, alright, only one of those is probably right, but who cares – I’ll buy one anyway…)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

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  1. Yeah, I’m desperate to see what they come up with. I bet you’re on the money with all your speculation but they’ll STILL manage to come up with two or three features we’d never thought of!


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