Happy Valley Reference Photos

Picture 1: My room – christ, what a mess. This was used to help me draw some of the aircrew walking away from camera (one of my weaknesses)
Picture 2: Bristol Beaufighter – the bubble on the top – normally a plastic window, has been replaced here by plastiscine as I ..er.. lost the plastic window inside the plane. Don’t judge me!
Picture 3: Another Beufighter shot, in the background you should see the schematic of the cockpit dashboard of an actual Vickers Wellington Mark III – this is actually three images, the view to the left of the pilot, the forward view and the right hand view – helpfully labelled ‘port’, ‘cockpit’ and ‘starboard’ respectively, so I wouldn’t mix them up. I still did, though…
Picture 5: And, finally, B for Beer. In all her glory – I apologise to people who make models – these noble planes deserved more respect than then horrific paint job I enacted on them, but, in the end, I needed the paint job to help me draw them…

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Happy Valley Reference Photos”

  1. Nice to see someone actually using real models. Pretty much everyone I talk to these days is using sketchup for this kind of stuff.


  2. I used sketchup for two shots, the first was disaster and had to be redrawn multiple times as it turned out I had two planes that were modelled at different scales, and the second took a bloody age and multiple redrawings, and I’ve no idea whether sketchup helped or hindered in the process.I’m going back to pencil/brush/ink – there’s nothing to beat it…


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